Getting to Know the Locals: Cassie Genc

the last traveler portrait

I had the great opportunity of talking with Cassie Genc, a local Milwaukee illustrator living in the Bayview area. Her work is full of whimsy, wonder, and robots. I have looked up to Cassie as an artist for many years and have always appreciated her use of vibrant colors and attention to detail. The pieces she creates transport to magical other worlds that leave you thirsting for further exploration into her work.
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Cast of Characters

Portraits have always been about more than ink and paint to me. Part of what sparked my interest in them was finding ways to show the idiosyncrasies of the people around me. Things like the curve of a nose or how someone’s chin sits against their cheek, or in this instance, how much they really do look like their pet.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: KR’s Type Artists

Christopher WoolChristopher Wool

Wool is an American artist famous for his black and white stenciled letter word paintings, Wool forms words and phrases in a grid style that breaks typography and word pattern rules, removing space, punctuation and vowels leaving the viewer to make sense of it. Known also for his abstract work, Wool pushes the limits of painting using of a variety of mediums and tools for mark-making. I am inspired by his ability to move beyond the standard rules and create art that grabs your attention and requires thought to decipher the work.

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How I became an illustrator

Welcome CG favorite illustrator Christiane Engel as she talks about how she got started as an illustrator…

CE: I get asked this a lot….here’s the long version of the answer. :)

When I was studying arts in Germany, I tried everything from painting, printing, photography, typography, graphic design, animation and some filming, it was that kind of school were you were left free to explore all mediums and encouraged to find your own voice through creative play rather than by doing exams.

I stuck with illustration and animation and found out I had the most fun when I could tell stories and apply my art to something.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: LL’s Photographers

Fishy island by Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson

I love Erik Johansson’s work for its surrealist quality and painterly feel. A single piece of his work might actually contain hundreds of different images, yet his goal is still for it to look like it was all captured in 1 shot. Johansson says he takes a problem-solving approach to his work, collecting material to convey an idea. As a graphic artist, I can relate and appreciate this approach as I use it everyday in my work as well. While Johansson considers his personal work to be closest to his heart, he has created work for some major companies such as Google, Adobe, and Microsoft. I highly suggest checking out some of his work; it’s really exciting to look at from an artistry perspective.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: LL’s Hand Lettering Artists

By Jessica Hische,

Jessica Hische,

Many of you are likely Jessica Hische fans already, but I have to include her to this list. Hische’s work is really what originally got me interested in hand lettering. Her distinctive style is very illustrative, colorful, creative and recognizable. If you dig her work as much as I do, check out the class she teaches on Skillshare!  Continue reading “A Few of Our Favorite Things: LL’s Hand Lettering Artists”


A Few of Our Favorite Things: LL’s Etsy Illustrators

Searching, Chasm, House With Ladder by Jeremy Miranda

Jeremy Miranda,

LOVE his work, it has a series surrealist quality, which I am known to gravitate towards. I also love the loose style brushwork and the fact that you can have a feeling of a narrative in each piece. I think he sort of plays with the juxtaposition of the home and where or how it resides in nature. He also brings to light how we view it, through a window, computer screen, or under water. His color palette is darker; however, he often adds a pop of bright green/teal or blue. Definitely an artist to check out, and exciting that he has prints available on Etsy (as I could never afford his real deal canvas pieces available on his website!)  Continue reading “A Few of Our Favorite Things: LL’s Etsy Illustrators”