A Few of Our Favorite Things: KR’s Type Artists

Christopher WoolChristopher Wool

Wool is an American artist famous for his black and white stenciled letter word paintings, Wool forms words and phrases in a grid style that breaks typography and word pattern rules, removing space, punctuation and vowels leaving the viewer to make sense of it. Known also for his abstract work, Wool pushes the limits of painting using of a variety of mediums and tools for mark-making. I am inspired by his ability to move beyond the standard rules and create art that grabs your attention and requires thought to decipher the work.

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Generating Effective Website Content

Regardless of the size of your company, having a functional website is a critical foundation. Whether you’re working on a redesign or developing your website from scratch, you should pay attention to and focus on the content of your site. Having a functional and attractive website will only get you so far. People often neglect the importance of having pertinent and well-written content.

What you should write—be clear and quick

When writing for your website, make sure it is clearly written and conveys consistent messaging for your brand and personality. Although it’s important to incorporate a personal touch, you should avoid getting too wordy. People have a short attention span when it comes to browsing a website versus reading a blog or online article. With articles, people have a preconceived idea of what they will be doing and expect to dedicate some time to reading. With most websites, on the other hand, people want to be able to get in and get out. It has been reported that people will spend as little as 20 seconds on your site to determine if it’s worth their time or not. If they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they will move on and look elsewhere.
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The Time is Right to Redesign Your Website

There may be existing features in the company’s current site construction that were optimal at one point, but that now may be working against you. There may also be new strategies that simply work much better in achieving desired results.

Get back to basics…Ask yourself if you need a redesigned website.

  • Is your site responsive?
  • Has your company evolved and your website needs to catch up?
  • Does your website show up on Google?
  • Can your client easily contact you from your site?
  • What is the first impression your potential clients get from your current site?
  • Does your current site accurately represent your company?
  • Can you manage the site content?
  • Is the user experience a positive one?

Let’s give your visitors exactly what they are looking for. First, step back and think about what your goals are. Let’s lay down a path to follow. Second, look at the content you already have on your site. What can you use for the new site and what new material will be needed? What information can we leave out? Third, let’s sit down and talk about your site history, performance, goals and viable directions. It may just be the right time to redesign your website.


A Few of Our Favorite Things: Mural Art

Photos by Plotr Redlinski for the NY Times

191st Beautification Project/NYC

Check out more mural art images here

Six artists out of hundreds who applied, were selected to turn one of the longest (a 5 minute walk) and scariest tunnels into a beautiful, colorful work of art. Once dark and dirty, the city decided to turn this tunnel leading to a subway entrance into an inspiring, eye-opening walk. The walls went from a pale yellow to a colorful, geometric mural. Andrea von Bujdoss, the art duo Jessie Unterhalter & Katey Truhn, Nick Kuszyk, Nelson Rivas, and Fernando Carlo, Jr. were the selected local artist chosen for this project, and they did not disappoint.

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Inspiration at Work

Inspiration is all around us every day. It may be something as simple as a pattern we see or something more complex and integrated. Inspiration can strike at any time, and we don’t often realize how it is affecting our work. How do you keep your creative juices flowing? Lets take a look at a few things that can help.

I know when I first heard people tell me this; I had no idea what they were talking about. Once I understood that designing in a vacuum was like designing in the dark, it all made sense. Designing without inspiration (or vision) IS designing in a vacuum.

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How to Avoid Drowning in a Sea of Ads

The over-abundance of advertising is now commonplace and you’re being inundated with holiday promotions. This shift is causing marketers to adapt a “more is more” approach. Ads can now be seen almost everywhere and on almost everything. Traditionally, ads were featured in newspapers and magazines, but due to decreasing reliability of those mediums and movement into the digital age, advertisers are now trying to reach people everywhere. Because of this, consumers are tuning out and ignoring traditional ads.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: Street Artists

far left image by Katherine McMahon, top far right by Pranav Mehta, others can be found on oleknyc.com



Yarn bombing, guerrilla crochet, whatever you prefer to call it, it’s a thing. A big thing to the Brooklyn based textile artist known as Olek. The Polish born artist arrived in New York with nothing but a backpack and $50 to her name. Now she has her work shown all around the world. Her goal is to produce work to share with the public. It is not only decorative, beautiful and colorful, but there to draw attention to important social and political issues being faced around the world. “I think there is no line between life and art. Everything is connected.” ~Olek

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5 Favorite WordPress Plugins


As of this writing, WordPress powers about 59% of websites using a content management system and about 24% of all websites. (w3techs.com) With these sorts of numbers, it’s no wonder that there are over 40,000 plugins available for WordPress. However, some are more useful than others. In this post, I will list and describe five of my favorite plugins to install shortly after creating a site. All of these plugins are freely available from wordpress.org/plugins/Continue reading “5 Favorite WordPress Plugins”


Composure uses WordPress; we think it’s Fabulous!

Wordpress LogoNearly 60 percent of the world’s CMS (content management system) uses WordPress. Nearly 25 percent of ALL websites world-wide use WordPress.

Composure does not just follow trends; we strive for excellence. When we find something solid, trendy or not, we go with it. Below is a list of why our designers and developers choose WordPress.

It’s Not Just for Looks

Design is important, but so is function. Both are necessary to not only grab the attention of the end user, but keep it. The flexibility and power of WordPress gives us control to build sites that meet the needs of a variety of customers – small business and big business alike. The size of the website will not alter the user-friendly platform.

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6 Reasons Why Google Drive is a Great Resource for Businesses

1. Work anytime, anywhere

As long as you have internet access and a computer, a laptop, or a smartphone, you can access your documents. No need to worry about using a USB to transfer your files from computer to computer.

2. Work with anyone

No Gmail account? No problem! If you’re working with someone who doesn’t have a Gmail account, you can still share files. Under the share settings, click “change” and change the visibility options to “anyone with the link.”

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