A Few of Our Favorite Things: KR’s Skillshare Teachers

About a year ago, I was struggling to stay creative outside of work. I had a million ideas of what I wanted to do but needed to hone it in and get to work. I believe strongly that my maker side contributes to my design skills at work. A co-worker recommended Skillshare. I signed up for free trial. After forgetting to cancel, the trial membership became a year long membership. Skillshare is an amazing creative community. Each class has a project section so you can share your work and see what others are doing. For me, it has become an On Demand binge-worthy hide out. There are three teachers that I follow on Skillshare that are my current favorites.

Peggy Dean is the owner of The Pigeon Letters. Peggy is known for her line drawing and brush lettering. She has self published a couple books. The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide, and Botanical Line Drawing. I started with her Brush Lettering: The Beginner’ Guide class because I was interested in the hand lettering technique I was seeing everywhere. From there, I moved on to her Botanical Line Drawing class – also amazing. I have since taken nearly all of Peggy’s classes. They never disappoint and are easy to follow.

Amarilys Henderson is the owner of Watercolor Devo. Amarilys is a watercolor artist and illustrator I found when I decided I wanted to learn more about watercolor. The first class I took was Modern Watercolor Florals: 3 Ways. This class was the jumpstart of me wanting to learn all things watercolor. I love Amarilys’ painting style and artwork. I also took Little Illustrations, Fun Animations. After watching this class I was so excited about the possibilities.

Ohn Mar Win is a surface designer and illustrator at ohnmarwin.com. I love Ohn Mar’s simple sketchy watercolor style. The beauty is in the imperfections. I love the look of loose drawing and painting but find it difficult to implement. Her sketchbook classes are a great way to develop your own personal style. My first class was Sketchbook Practice: Make Everyday Objects Pop With Watercolor and Pen. This was the perfect way to pull together the skills I was working on. Next on my list Ohn Mar’s From Everyday to Extraordinary: Paint a Lighthouse 3 ways in Watercolor.

-Kristin Resch


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