A Few of Our Favorite Things: LL’s Illustrators


Jim Madsen


Madson has been illustrating for the past 15 years, and has 75 illustrated books to show for it! His work has a soft, dreamlike quality. He uses subtle humor which brings charm to a lot of his pieces. There’s warmth through his color palette that helps create a sort of comfort to the characters he constructs. I really enjoy his work, and he is fantastic to work with.

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A Few of our Favorite Things: LL’s Illustrated Children’s Books


The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers

Described by Oliver Jeffers as “A thrilling tale of mystery, crime, alibis, paper planes, and a bear who wanted to win.” This book is illustrated beautifully through humor, Jeffers ‘childlike’ type and lovable characters. I love the animals stick figure legs and the sky always changing bold colors. It was nearly impossible for me to choose a favorite among Jeffers books-so I must cheat my “3” favorites list here and mention two more titles by Jeffers, The Incredible Book Eating Boy and This Moose Belongs to Me. Though lets be honest, they are all great!

Purchase here!

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: Mural Art

Photos by Plotr Redlinski for the NY Times

191st Beautification Project/NYC

Check out more mural art images here

Six artists out of hundreds who applied, were selected to turn one of the longest (a 5 minute walk) and scariest tunnels into a beautiful, colorful work of art. Once dark and dirty, the city decided to turn this tunnel leading to a subway entrance into an inspiring, eye-opening walk. The walls went from a pale yellow to a colorful, geometric mural. Andrea von Bujdoss, the art duo Jessie Unterhalter & Katey Truhn, Nick Kuszyk, Nelson Rivas, and Fernando Carlo, Jr. were the selected local artist chosen for this project, and they did not disappoint.

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Inspiration at Work

Inspiration is all around us every day. It may be something as simple as a pattern we see or something more complex and integrated. Inspiration can strike at any time, and we don’t often realize how it is affecting our work. How do you keep your creative juices flowing? Lets take a look at a few things that can help.

I know when I first heard people tell me this; I had no idea what they were talking about. Once I understood that designing in a vacuum was like designing in the dark, it all made sense. Designing without inspiration (or vision) IS designing in a vacuum.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: Street Artists

far left image by Katherine McMahon, top far right by Pranav Mehta, others can be found on oleknyc.com



Yarn bombing, guerrilla crochet, whatever you prefer to call it, it’s a thing. A big thing to the Brooklyn based textile artist known as Olek. The Polish born artist arrived in New York with nothing but a backpack and $50 to her name. Now she has her work shown all around the world. Her goal is to produce work to share with the public. It is not only decorative, beautiful and colorful, but there to draw attention to important social and political issues being faced around the world. “I think there is no line between life and art. Everything is connected.” ~Olek

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: LL’s Must Follow Instagram Accounts



Anna Bond, owner (along with her husband) and creative director for the stationery and gift brand Rifle Paper Co. is one of my favorites to follow on Instagram. And, I am not alone. With over 281k followers, Anna is no stranger to Instagram. Her account is upbeat, beautiful, and inspiring with a balance in posts across work, product, and home life. Her work at Rifle Paper Co. is known for beautiful hand painted floral prints and has been expanding from paper goods to clothing lines, home goods, and wall paper. (Seriously, I want to cover my house in her wallpaper.) Follow her and take a look at Rifle Paper Co.’s website too! Continue reading “A Few of Our Favorite Things: LL’s Must Follow Instagram Accounts”


Generation Y and the Importance of Integrated Media

It is important to understand that the “how” of people making purchasing decisions is changing. Consumers use personal electronic devices to scan bar codes, check reviews, ask for advice, pay their tabs and organize their lives.

The children of baby boomers, known as Generation Y or millenials, are the largest consumer generation. Many millenials trust the opinions of strangers over friends, which means social media may not always be the best way to reach them. Instead, they prefer to look towards blogs, websites, and apps where experts share tips. When making purchasing decisions, millenials especially tend to consult a variety of avenues from Amazon to Yelp to YouTube. This means companies need to create engaging content for clients to consume and share. Social media has accelerated the ability to make these connections; it allows marketers to link up with people instantaneously, less formally. It’s so much easier than before to find communities of like-minded people. Continue reading “Generation Y and the Importance of Integrated Media”


Social Media, the Trifecta

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram integration tips

Originally, social media sites were created for people and friends to connect with one another, but they’ve grown far beyond pics, vids and status updates. This rich environment has attracted many companies who have begun using the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to their advantage. These three mega platforms are much more than separate websites. Each of these networks seamlessly connects to one another and can be used to target different audiences.

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Can Facebook really help your brand?

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 7.15.40 AM


Well, yes it can.

Technology has drastically changed the ways consumers receive and use information. When using Facebook as a marketing strategy, you have two options: paid media or earned media. By using paid media, you can get your message out to the right people—your target audience. You have the ability to manage which information goes out and control the number of ads displayed. Analytics allows you to see the impact your Facebook ads are having on your page. Through tracking and analytics, advertisers specify either a single action or multiple actions to be measured for any ad group; you can track likes, page posts, comments, mentions, check-ins, photos, and shares. But, just because you are forcing people to look at what you have to say through paid advertisements, doesn’t mean they’ll take notice. You still want to generate worthwhile, interesting content for people to enjoy. Continue reading “Can Facebook really help your brand?”


A Few of Our Favorite Things: LL’s Photographers

Fishy island by Erik Johansson http://erikjohanssonphoto.com

Erik Johansson

I love Erik Johansson’s work for its surrealist quality and painterly feel. A single piece of his work might actually contain hundreds of different images, yet his goal is still for it to look like it was all captured in 1 shot. Johansson says he takes a problem-solving approach to his work, collecting material to convey an idea. As a graphic artist, I can relate and appreciate this approach as I use it everyday in my work as well. While Johansson considers his personal work to be closest to his heart, he has created work for some major companies such as Google, Adobe, and Microsoft. I highly suggest checking out some of his work; it’s really exciting to look at from an artistry perspective.

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